Consumables and spare accessories package

The package contains 3 dispersion nozzles and 2 nozzle locking caps and 2 o-ring gaskets (1.79mm x 2.90mm) for the valve of the pneumatic gun.

The package is compatible with both 5-nozzle and 3-nozzle plastering machines. Not compatible with ceiling models.

The locking caps are very easy to fix and do not require tightening or threading tools. The blocking caps cover both the channel of the respective nozzle and the corresponding hole through which the material is dispersed. Thus, one, two or three nozzles can be used for plastering vertical walls, and one nozzle can be used for plastering ceilings, provided that the mortar cup is not filled to the maximum.


Price: € 12
VAT is not included in this price.

  • Warranty: 1 year
    Consumables / accessories: Yes
    Shipping fees: Depending on your country (minimum cost: € 5)
    Payment methods: Credit Card, Paypal


  1. Details:


The simultaneous use of more than 3 nozzles is not indicated because commercial compressors are limited to a maximum of 10 bars, and the pressure in this case is divided among 4 outputs, exactly 2.5 bars/nozzle, that is, quite weak. To throw the mortar at a distance of at least 30 cm, a minimum pressure on the nozzle is required. 3 bars at a minimum flow rate of 80 l/min/nozzle..